История о том, как мы сетевые карты делали

The story of how we made network cards

The story of how we made network cards 🙂Once again, a customer approached us with the task of monitoring refrigeration equipment, naturally in a short time.We remind you that the solutions of Danfoss, Carel, Dixell, Secop have already been successfully pulled into our monitoring system.Right there at the facility there was a solution based on…

Ещё один объект в нашу копилку

Another object in our piggy bank

Another object in our piggy bank:) This time on a modest budget, without management. Monitoring of temperature and humidity in the premises Monitoring the temperature of regals from Carel Easy units Accounting of electricity by inputs and main consumers monitoring #accounting #dispatching

Делаем дистанционный учёт электроэнергии

Do remote metering and believe me

If you are suddenly tired of asking your employees to go and rewrite meter readings with a pen on a leaf, then call and dictate these numbers with your voice or wait for the report to arrive by mail… If your new and expensive phone is running out of space , because 70% of the…

Наш готовый M-Bus Концентратор на 1000 счётчиков

Our ready-made M-Bus Hub for 1000 meters

Meet me! With the heat, with the heat 😉 Our ready-made M-Bus Hub for 1000 meters!This is a wired Meter-Bus signal converter according to EN 1357-2 (hereinafterM-Bus), performing the role of M-Bus master (master) in the M-bus network. The hub is designed to read data from M-Bus devices (heat meters, water, gas, electricity meters, etc.)…

Концентратор на 1000 m-bus.

Hub for 1000 M-bus.

Specially designed for our good friends M-Bus Hub for 1000 M-bus devices (water, heat, electricity meters).Survey of metering devices every minute/hour/day/month (variable parameter), data transmission over Ethernet.There are two power supplies on board – the hub is capable of feeding the m-bus pads.We are launching the first batch soon.

Our new PDU-C4

The module counts pulses from a LED or from the connector of four electricity meters or four water meters or four gas meters.By commands from the server, it transmits consumption data via the Modbus protocol. RS-485 interface.

New functionality of our controllers

From the Danfoss, Carel, Dixell, Secop refrigeration units, we subtract the state of the defrost, compressor and fan. Now it has become much easier to view the map of equipment operation. A huge plus is that you can see the freelance work of third-party refrigeration controllers and identify their non-standard work at an early stage.

Overview. Board (network card) IROPZ48500

The IROPZ48500 card (network card) is designed to integrate Carel IR33 and PJEZ controllers with a PlantWatchPro or PlantVisorPro supervisory system via an RS485 serial interface.And the board (network card) Polygator PDU-RS485-TTL is designed to combine Carel IR33 and PJEZ controllers with the Polymetrica dispatching system via the RS485 serial interface.But there are several advantages:…

Execution units (PDU)

Execution units (PDU) to control air conditioners in the data center of our client.Statistics of temperature and compressor operation, complete duplication of control commands of the standard control panel, registration of deviations.

Preparing for upgrade v.2.0

In addition to the development and production of hardware, we do not forget to update our software;) v2.0 will appear soon, but for now you can enjoy the current version. Do not forget – at the request of the customer, various configurations of the monitoring and control system or API are possible. Many firms offer…