Our new PDU-C4

The module counts pulses from a LED or from the connector of four electricity meters or four water meters or four gas meters.By commands from the server, it transmits consumption data via the Modbus protocol. RS-485 interface.

New functionality of our controllers

From the Danfoss, Carel, Dixell, Secop refrigeration units, we subtract the state of the defrost, compressor and fan. Now it has become much easier to view the map of equipment operation. A huge plus is that you can see the freelance work of third-party refrigeration controllers and identify their non-standard work at an early stage.

Overview. Board (network card) IROPZ48500

The IROPZ48500 card (network card) is designed to integrate Carel IR33 and PJEZ controllers with a PlantWatchPro or PlantVisorPro supervisory system via an RS485 serial interface.And the board (network card) Polygator PDU-RS485-TTL is designed to combine Carel IR33 and PJEZ controllers with the Polymetrica dispatching system via the RS485 serial interface.But there are several advantages:…